A checklist for a successful fairground visit

  1. Come in a really good mood and take good care of every member of your party.

  2. At a fairground, it’s worth taking good care of all your belongings because, when you’re having fun, you can forget to be careful for just a second and your phone or wallet may fall from your pocket. Property lost on rides and belongings found in the fairground are taken to the information point, where you can enquire after them during opening hours. Seiterä Funfair is not responsible for lost or broken belongings.

  3. Remember your manners on the rides and in the area of the fairground. Bottles are not allowed on the rides and smoking, eating and drinking on them is strictly forbidden. The drinking of alcohol is also strictly forbidden in the fairground.

  4. Comply with safety restrictions on the rides. In order to ensure safety for younger customers, height restrictions exist on the larger rides. The height restrictions are usually 100-120 cm, and children under 100 cm can go on some of the rides when accompanied by an adult. The height restriction for the new Xtreme ride is 140 cm. Safety restrictions are based on the instructions of the equipment manufacturers and on official regulations. The height restrictions for each ride can be found in the introductions to the rides.

  5. Is there something else you’d like to ask? At the fairground information point at the end of the ticket car, we will try to find an answer to your question.

Enjoy in safety –
at Seiterä there is no need to be frightened, even though things can get wild

At our fairground, a safe environment and safe rides are of utmost importance. The technical components and functional properties of the rides and inspected and tested every day. The fairground area has been designed so that having fun is safe and easy. When you arrive, don’t park your car on the emergency exit.
You can happily throw yourself into the speed and excitement of Seiterä. Here we have dozens of professionals to ensure that your experience will be unforgettable but always safe.