Welcome to Funfair Seiterä! Here is a checklist for enjoying a successful funfair trip:

  1. Pack plenty of good mood with you and take good care of all the members of your group.
  2. At the funfair, you should take good care of all your belongings, because during the enjoyable rampage, it is easy to forget to be attentive for a moment, and you may lose your phone or wallet. Any belongings that have been forgotten on rides and at the funfair area are taken to the funfair’s information desk, where you can inquire about them during opening hours. Funfair Seiterä is not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.
  3. Remember your manners while on the rides and in the funfair area. No bottles are allowed on the rides, smoking, eating and drinking is prohibited on the rides. It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages in the funfair area.
  4. Respect the safety restrictions of the rides. The larger rides have height restrictions to ensure the safety of the little customers. The height restrictions are usually 100-120 cm and some rides allow children, who are 100 cm tall, if they are accompanied by an adult. The new Xtrem ride has a height restriction of 140 cm. The safety restrictions are based on the equipment manufacturer’s guidelines or authorities’orders. Ride-specific height restrictions can be found in the ride descriptions.
  5. Do you have any further questions? At the Funfair’s info desk, at the end of the cashier caravan, we aim to find an answer to your question.

Enjoy safety

You do not need to be scared at our funfair, even if you choose to go extreme with the rides! A safe environment and safe equipment are of utmost importance at our funfair. The technical parts and operating features of the equipment are inspected and tested every day. The funfair area has been planned in such a way that having fun is safe and effortless. When arriving, please do not park on the rescue route.

You can indulge in Seiterä’s pace, there are several dozens of professionals here ensuring that your experience is certainly unforgettable and always safe!

Welcome furry friends!

Pets are also welcome to the funfair area.

Amusement currency?

The payment methods available are cash, debit cards, Visa Electon and common credit cards. Tickets cannot be used for the funfair’s lottery games. Purchased tickets or all-in bracelets cannot be exchanged or returned.