Big One

Use the big grab and scoop up some prizes! Whether you guide it by luck or skill, you’ll always win a soft toy. Right, left, up and down – have fun grabbing something soft.


Angry Birds have taken over Seiterä! Come and play and grab some winning lottery tickets. The prizes are Angry Birds product like soft toys and sweets.


Knock all the cans down from the shelf and win a prize. Just take aim and throw.

Little Mermaid

Surprises galore! Come and fish in the world of sea creatures. No matter what kind of worm you have on your hook, something always takes the bait in this game.

Lucky Pull

Which string should you pull? Decide for yourself and prepare to win with each tug. Lucky Pull is a traditional string-pulling game in which you can win almost anything. Try as many times as you like.

Magic Heaven

With a touch of good luck, your mouth will be full of chocolate. A couple of kilos of main prizes will surely be enough not only for you but also for your pals...

Take a chance

Are you ready to try your luck with bags of surprises waiting? In this game, you are guaranteed to win a soft toy and, if you are lucky enough to win the top prize, you can select yourself from amongst all the goodies.

Teddy Bear Strings

With these strings, you always win. A the end of the strings, the shelves are bulging with cuddly, fuzzy soft toys.