Tivoli Seiterä

Tivoli Seiterä begins its tour in early spring. The convoy of trucks that starts at the beginning of April drives the fair across Finland, from one town to the next.   

At each stop, unloading and construction of the fairground with all its equipment takes a total of one full day. At the end, everything is dismantled and packed back into the trucks equally fast. At the end of the construction day, the rides are inspected, test-run and cleaned. During the week of the visit, the rides are inspected, tested and, if necessary, serviced daily, so that they can serve visitors in the best and safest way.

While touring, Seiterä’s staff live at the fair and get to know the towns they visit. They live a happy caravan life until the end of September. In winter, however, there’s no time for just lazing around. At the end of the season, major equipment servicing, repairs and painting work are carried out at the fairground depot, and the next tour is planned.  

Decades of laughter and fun at the Seiterä Funfair

Seiterä Funfair was established by Lauri Seiterä in 1966. Tuomo Seiterä, son of Lauri and his wife Johanna, became Funfair Manager in 1991, and he shares the responsibility for management with his wife, Mari Seiterä.

Lauri and Tuomo
Father and son, Lauri and Tuomo, having fun at the fair


The history of Seiterä Funfair is colourful and eventful, just like anything else that is almost 50 years old. Over the years, thousands of different people have worked in different jobs at the fair – many of them for years, others for just a few days. The tours have experienced joy and sorrow, falling in love and breaking up, even christenings. The journey has, however, always rolled on to the next port of call. The lifeblood of fairground work continues to be its diversity, meeting customers old and new and the shrieks of joy and delight, which nothing can beat!


Important years in our history:

1946 Lauri Seiterä, a man with a background in funfairs, began co-operation with the Children’s Day Foundation. As a result, a fairground sprang up at Helsinki Messukenttä, which went on to tour elsewhere in Finland. When Linnanmäki was set up in 1950, Lauri Seiterä was one of its key figures. In the park, Lauri had many different games such as shooting, ring-tossing, a cannon game and a bombing game.

Jussi Seiterä, Seppo Allinen and Tuomo Seiterä


1951 Lauri Seiterä opened the Mermaid Hall at Linnanmäki, one of its most famous attractions. This super-popular hall continued at Linnanmäki until the end of summer 1981, after which Linnanmäki built its own amusement arcade on the site.

The Mermaid Hall at Linnanmäki
’A mixture of water and women’ - together they were among Lauri Seiterä’s most enjoyable fairground experiences.


1965 Lauri Seiterä bought Linnanmäki’s old dodgems, which formed the basis for his own touring funfair. The Seiterä Funfair began in 1966. In the first year, in addition to the electric dodgems there was also the Vauhtivirveli (fast-spinning) Carousel and many games. The equipment was carried by tractors and on trains. Over the years, many fantastic performances have also been seen at Seiterä, such as ‘jumps of death’ and trapeze fighting.

Excitement on the dodgems
The atmosphere on the dodgems was electric, even in the 1960s.
Girls on the Vauhtivirveli (fast-spinning) Carousel
And there was plenty of fast spinning, as you can see from the girls’ smiles.


1973 Together with his friend, Leo Lindblom, Lauri Seiterä rented the Särkänniemi area from the City of Tampere for a summer-long funfair. This was called Neulan Huvipuisto (the ’needle’ amusement park, after Tampere’s highest tower). This park was a great success and later the Särkänniemi Amusement Park was opened on the site.

Round Up
On the Round-Up ride, people stood next to their friends and were spun around at great speed under centrifugal force. The ride could even reach a vertical position.